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Significance of Family

"A family is commonly defined as a group of people who are related by blood or marriage and may be living together under one roof as a unit."

But for most of us, the word ‘family’ carries much deeper significance. The family is where we learn the essential traits of human coexistence – caring, loving, sharing. It is a place where we develop and also open up all the facets of our personality, and share all experiences of our lives, joyful or otherwise. Our families provide us support in most difficult situations of life and joyously celebrate our victories and achievements. Get-togethers of extended families, for picnics or for family functions, are occasions that are loaded with merriment and memories. Isn’t it time that we recognize the significance of our family in our lives especially in this modern age of chaos and strife.

What is FamilyG

We live in an age where technology has improved communication vastly, in speed and variety. Today we can communicate by email, messaging, voice or video calls. For most of us, these communication modes are an integral part of our lives – both in our professional and personal lives.

Enable linking of members of primary and extended families, and to facilitate various modes of interaction within family members – chat, voice /video calls, wall-posts etc.
Trace and connect with members of your primary and extended family, mark them as favourites, create specific interest groups, comment on wall-posts, get notified about family events, advertise family functions etc with great ease – after all, its all in the family!!

Without a facilitator, it may not be possible right now to know about your relations beyond the second or third degree without great effort. In fact, you can see your family tree in a visual form to the degree that you choose!

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